SRE Power: Clean
Energy Technology

SRE Power is a global clean technology company focused on mobility and power. Our company benefits from technology derived from clean energy patents


Revolutionizing the Clean Energy Industry

EPC & Renewable Energy Independent Power Producer (“RE-IPP”) producing clean electricity 24 hours a day, capable of converting excess electricity to hydrogen for sales in the rapidly growing market for industrial users as well as new hydrogen vehicles

Our Journey So Far

  • 28MW waste heat recovery from reciprocating engines in Honduras
  • Pipeline of over 2.5GW of clean energy projects at various stages of development
  • 100MW gas power project in South Africa
  • 100MW gas power project in Eswatini and 200MW follow up geothermal project.
  • A 2MW pilot geothermal power station in the Philippines, as part of a potential 270MW geothermal project on Biliran island.
  • 40MW geothermal project in Mindoro island, Philippines.
  • Rehabilitation of 35MW Olkaria II, Kenya
  • ON Power Iceland, 30MW advanced turbine blade design and fluid dynamics.
  • ORC Experience in India icludes 3.5MWe Atomic Agency, 0.5MWe GE, 300KWe Honeywell
  • 0.5MWe power plant in Mexico.
  • 6.5MWe Geothermal power plant, Mexico.
  • 15 Geothermal Wellhead power plants for Kengen in Kenya total 81MWe

We started by designing power station technology, but our passion for innovation led us to explore mobility solutions. In 2022, we began developing the groundbreaking HyOrc engine (Hydrogen Organic Rankine Cycle). By 2023, we had a prototype, secured patents, and continued rigorous testing. Now, in 2024, we’re focused on development and production planning.

The HyOrc engine is a game-changer. Unlike traditional systems, it connects directly to a vehicle’s driveshaft, eliminating the need for an electrical generator as with fuel cells. This patented technology utilizes our advanced turbine system, creating a clean and efficient propulsion system for the future of transportation.