Our Global Projects

SRE Power group is focused on the design, manufacture, installation, and operation of power plants from renewable energy sources including geothermal, waste heat recovery and Solar + Hydrogen.

Geothermal projects totaling over 300 Mwe

 SRE is currently developing the Biliran & Montelago geothermal projects with combined potential of over 300MW in the Philippines.

100 Mwe Solar + Hydrogen project

SRE is currently working on a 100 MWe Solar + Hydrogen project. 

Waste Heat Recovery

SRE is currently working on a rapidly growing pipeline of 60MW of waste heat recovery projects in Africa & Latin America for industrial customers.

Other projects are under development.

SRE has a 725MW global pipeline of renewable energy power projects, where expected excess power will be used to support the expansion of SRE’s industrial partners

SRE Geothermal Philippines, Inc. (SRE)

Geothermal projects in the Philippines

Renewables in the Philippines

  • Currently Coal is used to provide over 50% of all electricity in the Philippines
  • SRE’s geothermal powerplants which are  being installed in Biliran and Montelago, will provide baseload, green and renewable energy in the Philippines for the next 25 years
  • Carbon friendly power plants, adding to the efforts in combating climate change

    “The earth’s core is about as hot as the surface of the sun, but a lot closer to us. Let’s harness that energy together”

SRE‘s Development partners in Biliran and Montelago

  • Nickel Asia Corporation, the Philippine‘s largest producer of lateritic nickel ore and one of the largest in the world, through its subsidiary Emerging Power Inc is SRE‘s main development partner in the Philippines. 

  • SRE is currently working on the development of the Biliran geothermal area.

  • SRE is currently working on the development of the Montelago geothermal area.

Biliran Project, Phillipines

  • Reservoir estimates show a conservative capacity of 270MWe.
  • Existing wells with estimated capacity of +/-15MWe ready for immediate power plant construction.


Biliran Project Summary

  • Reservoir estimates show a conservative capacity of 270MWe, with 8 existing geothermal wells.
  • Phase Pilot power plant of 2MWe currently under construction. 
  • Phase 3-5 MWe plant expected by the end of 2024.
  • Further Development activities for 50MWe to start by 2025.

SRE’s Geothermal Systems. Infinite Green Power from the Core.

“The temperature of the earth’s core will cool by about 100 Celsius, in a billion years. It is currently estimated to have a temperature of around 6,000C”

Montelago Project, Phillipines

  • Reservoir estimates show current potential of 40 Mwe, with 4 existing geothermal wells.
  • Current construction of pilot 225Kwe binary power plant, to be commissioned in 2023.
  • 2-3 MWe power plant planned for Q4-2024.
  • Further 18MWe development planned for sale under existing PPA.


SRE’s Geothermal Systems. Inner Power.

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