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As a project developer, SRE has an existing pipeline of power projects totalling 720MW, made up of an interesting combination of geothermal, waste heat recovery, hybrid solar+storage & hydrogen initiatives.

SRE’s generated power is always available, anytime customers need it. As dependable as fossil fuels, but without the emissions and carbon footprint. Reliable, always on, 24×7 power.


Geothermal projects totaling over 300 Mwe

 SRE is currently developing the Biliran & Montelago geothermal projects totalling over 300 Mwe in the Philippines. 

100 Mwe Solar + Hydrogen project

SRE is currently working on a 100 MWe Solar + Hydrogen project. 

Waste Heat Recovery

SRE is currently working on a rapidly growing pipeline of 60MW of waste heat recovery projects in Africa & Latin America for industrial customers.

Other projects are under development.

SRE has a 725MW global pipeline of renewable energy power projects, where expected excess power will be used to support the expansion of SRE’s industrial partners

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