Opportunity for Renewables in the Philippines

  • Currently Coal is used to provide over 50% of all electricity in the Philippines
  • SRE’s geothermal powerplants which are being installed in Biliran and Montelago, will provide baseload, green and renewable energy in the Philippines for the next 25 years
  • Attractive tariffs, government incentives and low taxation all add to economic viability of the projects

SRE‘s Development partners in Biliran and Montelago

  • Nickel Asia Corporation, the Philippine‘s largest producer of lateritic nickel ore and one of the largest in the world, through its subsidiary Emerging Power Inc is SRE‘s main development partner in the Philippines. 

  • SRE is currently working on the development of the Biliran geothermal area.

  • SRE is currently working on the development of the Montelago geothermal area.

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