Waste Heat Recovery

SRE invests in and provides EPC services to customers using Waste Heat Recovery (WHR) power plant technology and advanced solutions which offer impressive economy, reliability, and efficiency.

SRE uses power modules based on ORC or flash steam cycle technologies to capture otherwise wasted thermal energy from industrial settings such as steel, cement, ceramic & glass production. Heat can also be harnessed from renewable resources such as biomass and exhaust from reciprocating and turbine engines.

SRE is currently at the study & design phases for several industrial waste heat recovery projects in Africa & Latin America with a total of 60MW of power being planned.

Geothermal projects totaling over 300 Mwe

 SRE is currently developing the Biliran & Montelago geothermal projects totalling over 300 Mwe in the Philippines. 

100 Mwe Solar + Hydrogen project

SRE is currently working on a 100 MWe Solar + Hydrogen project. 

Waste Heat Recovery

SRE is currently working on a rapidly growing pipeline of 60MW of waste heat recovery projects in Africa & Latin America for industrial customers.

Other projects are under development.

SRE has a 725MW global pipeline of renewable energy power projects, where expected excess power will be used to support the expansion of SRE’s industrial partners

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